'Valkyrie', in betrayal of Adolf Hitler

Players: Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Carice van Houten, Eddie Izzard.

In combat in Tunisia, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) and suffered severe injuries mengharuskannya back to headquarters in Nazi Germany. Stauffenberg probably never thought that his return to Germany this would bring them to plan a coup d'etat that he never imagined.


Stauffenberg and Olbricht recruited by General (BillNighy) the previous plan have been murder on the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler (David Bamber), but failed. Groups who call themselves German Resistance petinggi many of these Nazi-minded who do not plan to finish off Hitler and Hitler before it was history making greater damage and harm Germany.

This group is aware that not easy to kill Hitler. Need to mature a plan and the courage to execute this plan. Finally, this group of Nazi petinggi find a way to finish off Hitler at the same time stop the steps of the SS in Hitler fully abiding. They intend to use operating Valkyrie Hitler designed to address the possibility of a coup d'etat.


But it is not a step that is easy because Stauffenberg should be really close to Hitler in order to ensure that the target is successfully executed. The film director Bryan Singer referral is made based on historical fact. Although here and there still going a little modification, but in general, including the film adhere to the historical reality.

The way this film was serving quite interesting. The director is able to forge scene for scene with a good timing to produce a spectacle of interesting historical thriller. This is somewhat difficult because, when you include people who love to read the story of history, you certainly know the end of this film.


But of course it is also not separated from the performance of the stars supporting akting. One that is quite interesting is Tom Cruise. If these actors usually play as a central figure who dominates the entire film, in the main role here is held Cruise feels more 'diffuse' with the other figures. Even be spelled out the role of Cruise in the film is quite low profile.

Every detail in this film looks very convincing and may have been based on research long before finally poured as a film script. However, despite the impression such as documentary, but a drama where the protagonist finally experiencing disintegration due to a step which he took himself. And this is so that make a film based on the fact that history is different from other films like that. Even if there is enough with the only possible motive is less strong, the perpetrators of this trick to make them able to plan such a magnitude.

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