How Do Not Consider The Blog Trash

I have read several applications for some blogging this month. Why? Because I want to go deep into the world of bloggers. Indeed, blogging is something that is very interesting. However, there are also blogs that are less common and can be expected as a future blog.

It is clear for me to explain what is included in the "Blog is not interesting." Before I finished reading it until I was rushing to leave the blog because the blog was very boring. Unfortunately, the application of this kind is more interesting than the blog.

Some applications that I can blog as a blogger Categorize the original write-derived, and is considered reasonable as author of waste is as follows:

1. Write a blog does not match grammar rule

Yes, this applies to a blog that still publish all the posts without capitalization or grammar is correct. This is real! Try yourself to be a blogger who writes professionally. For example, not every sentence with the capital letters (capitalized) in the article / posting-If you are confused how to make technical upper-case letters, simply press the SHIFT and the letter key simultaneously on your keyboard.

2. Write a blog using the wrong word

If you do not understand a word correctly, you should notify it to the readers. A case study, you can use the word blog as a verb. But you can also use the word to refer to the blog site.

3. Too proud to be passive blog

After creating a blog but did not write an article or blog post is an example blog passive. Do not say you have to be in doubt if a blogger writing the article. Increase your ability to write on the blog.

4. Writing articles that are not relevant

Do not long-winded in the article / posting on the blog. Avoid discussions that are not relevant to the topic for discussion. Write articles that do not need to elaborate - directly on the target will be more people.

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