Julia Perez and Gaston Castano Holidays

jupe_castano_hotNews proximity Julia Perez and players Persiba, Gaston Castano, missed a bit with some pictures that show solidarity with their vacation time at a beach.

photos appears that Castano Jupe and enjoy their holiday.

Wear bikini with white flowers pattern a small, fun sunbathing Jupe appear at the end of the boat is anchored at a beach. Meanwhile, Castano be naked chest and put on trousers selutut stood not far from Jupe.

In the other photo, Jupe that at this time are still the wife of Damien Perez is currently preparing to swim, jump from the boat and souse moleknya body to the sea. Meanwhile, Gaston and one other man remain at the end of the boat and see Jupe being absorbed water playground.

Proximity Jupe Gaston and the opportunity to create relationships and mencuat Damien Jupe and slightly distant.

Jupe was first seen at the Stadium to support Gaston Si Jalak Harupat, Bandung. When Gaston was still a player in the competition PSIS Semarang Indonesia Super League (Isl) 2008.

When Gaston Hijrah to Persiba, Jupe is still dealing with the origin is Argentina. Visible when Persib against Persiba Bandung, February, Jupe, and sat in the back row of spectators stand and provide support for the man who was born 8 July 1985 this.

Then, if the photos with this holiday is also a hint that Jupe and Gaston was a love affair? Only time can answer.

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