How to The Friendly Blog Prevent Global Visitor

In this post I tried to share some tips on how to develop a blog to make it more friendly for the people in the world.

You need to understand that the world is increasingly connected, and also people in many countries more active online. Would you like to blog for the global audience?

I manage a blog for this to have visitors from 69 different countries - some of you may have more international readers - the most of this blog is written in indonesian language.

You can make changes on the language of the web to improve global readers. Will be more successful if you really take steps to adapt your blog for a global audience. Do not be satisfied first if your blog is visited by readers of regional / local audience.

Here are things you can do to make your blog to be more friendly to people from other cultures:

1. Use English

Most of the conversation in the world using English. Most of the global audience using the original English language, but also a lot of your blog readers may not use the English original. Think about whether you have already written can be understood by a global audience.

Before publishing via blog posting, try to ask yourself for each of your ideas are, "Is there a way to write a more understandable?"

As a blogger you may write a post in Indonesia, but to be more friendly to visitors, of course, global in your blog post is also available in other languages also.

2. Offers a choice of translation

Availability of other languages on the web you can increase the number of visitors quickly. If you only publish in English then you will lose a number of potential readers that much.

There are bloggers who publish the blog in English, Mandarin and Japanese in one website. As a result he is one of the people who have many visitors from the world.

Most of us can not translate the blog posting in different languages. However, there is a solution that is easy, in a way that is laying the translation tool (such as Google Translate gadget to the translation or language) in a prominent place.

3. Meet people using the term each

With blogging and social media use some people feel more comfortable sharing personal information with other people. In addition, the share with different cultures will enhance our ability to provide post in the appropriate term global - if done in one culture then we will only get a little information.

What about you? What you do to make your blog more accessible for international readers?

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