How to Make Money from Blog After Having Progress Traffic Visitors

This post is about how we make money from the blog - it is lawful, fair and not a fraud action. Several days ago, we have been discussing about how to increase the number of visitors.
If you feel there has been progress in the blog traffic, then the next step in order to develop the blog more up to consider is how to get money.

Is this important? Yes, this is very important! Because the money that we earn through blog will add more in the spirit of self in the activity blogging.

Here is how to make money that you can do if your blog have good traffic.

1. Offering Ad Space on your blog directly.
2. Ads from third parties such as Google Adsense, Bidvitser, Adbrite, etc.
3. Affiliate marketers become
4. Sell your own product

Little explanation, so you can better understand the points above,
Ad Space offers directly is possible for those who have a blog visitor traffic is good. But for a blog that has very little traffic do not have hope that they are willing to serve ads on your blog. Getting money in this way is quite difficult because you must consider how the price of your ad space to offer. In addition you must also provide the most strategic place in the ad space that you offer.
Unlimited Ads from the Third Party, Method make money through this way is that many try it out. You just simply register on the site which connects Advertiser to the Publisher. Your cooperation in this camp as a publisher, so if you want to make money through blogs, then you should also register your site.
Become Affiliate marketers, you will be paid by the company Affiliation if you are able to market that they sell. You should be able to influence the readers of your blog so that interested to buy affiliate products.
Sell your own product, you have an increase in visitors to the graph of your blog then you should also market the product as your own, e-book, tutorial, counseling, training, online and in real time, or can also load the product you are selling.

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  1. brati tetap harus mainan trafik yap om ajarin dunk om untuk dapatin trafik yang bagus.YM ajah yap om biar bisa belajar lebih banyak