How to Overcoming the Visitor Traffic Flat on Your Blog

Many bloggers are sharing through chatwidget, articles or content through the comments box. and complain because they have a blog traffic (traffic) a flat and even tended to decrease after about 6 months to spend blogging.

Initially they started with the spirit, maximize content articles, regularly invest the time to always update their blog, to join in the network with other bloggers and have the result of traffic growth is stable.

However, with time feeling a bit dim enthusiasm, life will make them busy, so they decided out of the network among bloggers that have been built for this.

This will guarantee that your blog has stopped growing.

If this is also your blog - then the time may be necessary to have some time for you to seek and try out some new ways to increase blog traffic. Time for you to explore the opportunities that a visitor to your blog more.

Of course, increasing the number of visitors / readers are bloggers of all tasks that need to be developed. But as a new blog is the opportunity to make a breakthrough is very difficult.

My only advice to give a simple traffic that your blog is better than at this time. Do not be selfish blogger, too proud of the ability of SEO, so feel no need to build and deal with the public / community blog.

Enhance relationships and partnerships with other blogs. See something interesting from another blog, and work together if there is a chance to make another cross-promotion.

I'm not just talking about 'introducing' other bloggers through your blog with the hope that they may also link to you on a day - is to build more strategic partnerships with other blogs - a partnership of mutual benefit to both of you. For example:

1. Offering a free space to install the banner ads on your blog. Therefore they are also the same for you
2. Conducting a campaign blog friend once a month - in which you write your articles in the blog to their blog daily, and they also write about you
2. Promote cross each other with the RSS feed or newsletter in the post

With your creativity then this is the type of relationship really can improve the quality of blog friends. Initially they may feel a little strange because you're promoting their blog.

I think your friend will appreciate more the existence of your blog so that they will also give more attention to any posts on every blog on your property. Little by little your relationship will be more familiar. Finally, each will perform activities that are equally beneficial to each blog.

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  1. its a good for me to know how to make my blog have much visitor.thank you for this info