Issue Raffi Ahmad amazed Yuni Shara

Yunishara_raffiRaffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara in the middle inform a love affair. Raffi former girlfriend, Cynthia Laudya disclose Bella, Raffi already the old widow of Henry Siahaan.

"From first, he already ngefans Mbak Yuni. Moreover, with the tea ocha (singer Rossa)," said Cynthia Laudya found at Studio in Persari, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Wednesday (11/3/2009).

Artist who is familiar Bella rate, proximity to the Raffi Yuni is considered a normal thing.

"if he was near Mbak Yuni. What, Raffi is also close to the tea Jimmy Bondoc. But how far, I do not know," said movie stars Red Lentera this.

Raffi Yuni togetherness and start a conversation when the two artists is watching this event generation Java Jazz 2009. When tersadar their presence to attract journalists and the public, Velasquez sister is slowly separating themselves from Raffi. Both separate and choose their own way.

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