'The Strangers', The Place does not Have Absolute Secured

thestrangger_9Players: Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Scott Speedman, Kip Weeks, Laura Margolis, Alex Fisher

Kristen McCay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman) may not think the night will surely they will not forget them this lifetime. Both these young couples have to survive the threat of 3 people in a mask that does not recognize them.

After attending the wedding of a friend, Christian and James plan to spend their vacation in a secluded house of health of the city. They hope that calmness in the house get the health.

THE FILM strangers

Unfortunately, their hopes turned into nightmare when masked men 3 they ripen in the house, both of which are located far from the city. No hope for survivors because they both will likely come once the help is very thin.

Home is usually 'translated' as a place that is safe and quiet, and that is that often become raw material for the director of the thriller and horror movie. Making the home as a place that is intimidating enough to provide effective psychological terror for the audience. And the film entitled THE strangers this is one of the movies that use the same tricks.

Many speculate that the film is taut garapan director Bryan Bertino is inspired by real stories, known as Murder Manson. Because few problems, the film has finished shooting in 2007 is finally distributed new Rogue Pictures ago end of May 2008.

THE FILM strangers

If seen, in fact, nothing new from this film. During the last fifty years many film thriller that is also the same theme mengusung although, of course, not exactly. If you already see the movie FUNNY GAMES that started in March 2008 circulated ago, you will see many similarities between the film with the strangers this.

Unfortunately the idea that actually this is not strong enough to offset the equivalent casting. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman not able to show a performance that is quite convincing. Unfortunately, the script did not give them the opportunity to delve more in character and result, not strong enough to make the audience feel compassion on the two main characters this. In fact one of the key success of this type of film such as this is when the audience feels terhanyut and compassionate with the leaders protagonis.

THE FILM strangers

From the side of shooting, this film is quite adequate. Use the camera to camcorder menyimulasikan perspective views of the players quite effectively injected in the audience shudder. This trick is to give effect as if spectators involved in the film they watch. But, in this film, it is not sufficient to give effect to the suspense as director, decided to highlight a lot of 'movement' peneror the impact of the shock so that it should have.

But given that this is the first film made in Bryan Bertino, and the fact that he is not still young enough so that all errors can presumably still dimaklumi.

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