Why Is Julia Perez 'Jupe' Not Release Name Perez?

Julia Perez still keeps that feeling of love, disappointment behind demand a divorce from her husband, Damian Perez. Evidently, this section also stars refuse to spread her secret, for seven years together.

"Course I still love him, seven good years I know he was bad, and I do not want to expose the poor husband I am," when found in the light of the event film screening at the mortuary Kuntilanak FX Mall, Senayan, Wednesday (11 / 3).

Meanwhile, the man asked with regard to the named Gaston Castano their intimate photos of the outstanding, Jupe confess that soccer players are just friends. "I am with a temen Castano, What I want to love, the problem has not been completed aja" brightness diplomatis.

Meanwhile, if the correct Belah Duren troubadour songs that have to be separated from Damian, his hope to keep using the name of Perez. Because of the name, itself known knowledgeable people. Jupe plan even hope to find the patents that name as his name.

"After the divorce I still want to use the name of Julia Perez, because I have the right to name it. Since I first came to Indonesia and entertain the world, a name I Julia Perez, after the split I have not anything, just ask for the name Perez. During the three years I struggled to work with that name, "the name of the original owner pungkas Yuli Rachmawati it.

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  1. ich cium-ciuman di kapal wah hmm rasanya gimana y?pasti ada sensasi tersendiri y om