How to bring 1000 Visitors Blog Daily

Each person has a certain sense is not satisfied at one point. For example, blogger beginners feel very happy if he get 50 unique visits / day obtained from the search engine. During the first month he may still be able to feel proud and pleased with the visit as much. However, entering the second month and so on, not feeling satisfied haunt. Of course he will think why only 50 unique visits, why not 100, 500, 1000 or tens of thousands of visits per day.

So, that is the condition that I experienced. Some of this month, my blog just stand at one point or always get 200 visits per day. Is not it cool or blog can be a quite life. I think I originally 200 unique visits per day is good. But if this blog only survive on a visit as much, of the dollar which I also will not have increased.

The bloggers who earn money through the internet as I would have said "200 visits per day is very little." Although daily income that I earn through this blog is tolerable, but still not satisfied mind always continue to haunt and disrupt.

There are positive and negative values in this case. Positive value of this condition is SEMANGAT! These conditions make myself remain vibrant in their blogging activities. If you have the spirit of blog picture will be more alive. However, this condition also have negative values, what is? Negative side is my time more. If the time to do a little blogging still, of course my business will not have increased. Therefore, to pursue the target does not feel satisfied, we must give up more time.

How to bring visitors as much? Next few tips or ways we can do. Although the eye kasat we see the results of the visit has not been as expected, but at least we do business is not futile.

1. Doing search engine optimization: to do the necessary search engine optimization small fee. You must be willing for the money spent to obtain a little guidance from the master SEO. Or at least you should be willing to dive pocket to purchase a product SEO ebook. If you want to get a free SEO techniques actually have a secret that many but not distributed. I think less than the maximum if we only rely on SEO techniques that the share for free.
2. Writing a quality article: Do not write a home ...... articles you should write not less than 4 paragraphs. Article What you need to post on the blog? Article tutorials, tricks and tips, important information, materials or subjects the school / college that you kuasai. I think articles like this will not always due to expire and needed to search a lot of people from time to time. However, if you want to review the latest news, gossip, or the current hits, you should always be diligent mengupdatenya, for articles such as this is an actual or temporary-to-day is tomorrow but a lot of searching already forgotten.
3. Should make every day to post the article: This is useful for refreshing blog content, people will be bored if you visit the blog each visit they were not getting anything new.

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