5 Important Factors Causes Diabetes Type 2

There are many factors that can cause type 2 diabetes. Some of them came from family history and genetics. Diantarnya but some can also occur due to slowdown lifestyle in preventing type 2 diabetes. Factors and do what we can do to reduce the risk?

1. Obesity (Obesity)
The first factor that causes type 2 diabetes is obesity. Statistics state that 30% of adults obese. Because too many store fat in the body then the body of someone to be obese. While the ability of fat body to use insulin, so obese people more at risk of type 2 diabetes fell ill.

2. Not Changed life
People do not want to change themselves to healthy lifestyles and pay attention to the problem and not overweight, fell ill more easily type 2 diabetes. There are too many silent and less activity (movement) will make the Obesity, Obesity akan then we fell ill causing type 2 diabetes. We should increase the level of activity to lower blood sugar and helps insulin to work more effectively.

3. The habit is not healthy to eat
Ninety% of the people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight. Eating healthy is not contributing much to Obesity. Too much fat, not enough fiber, too much carbohydrate and is a contribution to the disease diabetes (diabetes). Eating healthy can prevent diabates type 2.

4. Family History and Genetics
It appears that those who have family members who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is also a great opportunity for diabetes the body to attack someone.

5. Age increases
The older age of a person means the larger the risk of someone experiencing type 2 diabetes. Ability organs parents will experience many setbacks funsional, so it is likely the ability to process insulin pancreas also decreases. If insulin is not produced or not used by the body, diabetes is currently happening. . . .

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